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Sociability shortage in sociology

Students are left uneasy after a series of events with a faculty member

Published: Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Updated: Friday, November 5, 2010 22:11


NCCU Campus Directory

Dana Greene


Corliss Pauling/ Echo staff photographer

Robert Mihaly wears a T-shirt that promotes food health awareness.

It all started with a simple maroon and gray T-shirt promoting access to non-genetically modified food at N.C. Central University.

Now one student, Dontravis Swain, has been suspended from NCCU, and a number of other students say they are afraid to be around one professor in the sociology department.

The commotion centers on an assistant professor of sociology, Dana Greene, who arrived at NCCU from Appalachian State University in 2007.

Why Greene left ASU is unknown.

Something happened there, but what it was is a mystery. Greene left after receiving a financial settlement, but the records are sealed and no one is talking.

No one Echo staffers contacted at ASU would answer questions about Greene and her time at ASU.

According to some of Greene's students at NCCU, she tells several versions of what transpired at ASU.

In one version she sued ASU because an ASU football player threw a desk at her.

In another version Greene sued the university because of racial discrimination. Greene is Jewish.

An ASU faculty member, who would not provide details of what happened there, said that the incident "had nothing to do with a desk being been thrown at Greene."

*Several of the people interviewed for this story asked to remain anonymous, due to the sensitive nature of the case.

According to a member of the NCCU sociology department "it has been strange [with Greene] since day one."


But the T-shirt incident that led to the expulsion of Swain began on Sept. 29.

According to several students and two members of the sociology department, Greene made several claims that a white student of hers, Robert Mihaly, was a racist.

Greene told her 1 p.m. social psychology class that a T-shirt worn by Mihaly demonstrated that he was racist.

This characterization puzzled Mihaly because Greene had previously agreed that he could wear his T-shirts to earn community service hours required for his class with her in Sociology of the Environment, Economy, Society.

The front of Mihaly's T-shirt pictures an Eagle vomiting, and lists several toxins including fluoride, arsenic and lead.

It reads "NCCU Students Poisoned Daily." The back pictures Martin Luther King, Jr. and asks, "UNC System Racist?" In a quotation bubble, King says, "At least give us the UNC Chapel Hill dietary options."

"The shirt is meant to draw attention to toxic additives to the food and water and racial disparity of what's offered at UNC and NCCU," said Mihaly. "At UNC they're offered organic non-genetically modified foods.

"Several students in the class told me that Greene said that there is this white guy on campus wearing these racist T-shirts and you should confront him," said Mihaly.

"They said that she said, ‘if I were a student I would confront him.'"

Some students have claimed that Greene made this statement. Others say she didn't.

"I never remember her saying the shirt was racist," said Kendra McNair-Worley, mass communication senior.

"The classroom said it was racist but she did question why he used Martin Luther King Jr. on the shirt."

Two members of the sociology department who asked to remain unnamed also say that Greene informed other professors in the department that Mihaly was a racist and that something should be done about it.

"A few weeks after Dr. Greene approved my shirts and after I'd been wearing them, Dr. Greene wrote me [a] letter in which she attempts to sneakily document she allegedly never approved them," wrote Mihaly in an e-mail to the Echo.

"She was trying to intimidate me from expressing my Constitutionally-protected speech," Mihaly wrote.

"She implies I have a problem with conforming to the class/university's community service requirements."

Some students said they do not understand all the controversy.

"I was confused," said political science sophomore Lorenzo Glenn.

"I can see how it could have been mistaken for a racist shirt, but the part that bothered me was when Robert told me that he had spoken to Dr. Greene prior to it [and approved of the subject]."

"She already knew about it before she told us it was racist," he said.

The Campus Echo asked Greene for an interview numerous times, but she declined.

"I was happy that she [Greene] said we can confront him and she insisted on it," said Glenn. "It was OK to confront him because she is a teacher."

Several students say that after class on Sept. 29, sociology sophomore Dontravis Swain – the student who would eventually be suspended from NCCU -- approached Mihaly.

Five minutes later Greene called campus police to report an altercation.

But according to several eye witnesses there was no altercation between Mihaly and Swain.

Mihaly's statement to the campus police (provided to the Echo by Mihaly) says this: "Dr. Dana Greene filed a malicious and absolutely false narrative to the NCCU Police Department … Ms. Greene has expressed disapproval of a design of shirt I wear most days which expresses a political viewpoint with which Ms. Greene disagrees."

Mihaly's police statement continues: "The other student named Dontravis Swain communicated 2-3 sentences to me in a calm, personable voice and I responded in kind.  Ms. Greene's deception is to create miscontent and to lay a false paper trail."


Days later, on Oct. 4, in the same social psychology class things came to a breaking point between Swain and Greene, according to several students.

The students said an argument broke out between Swain and another student in the class and became intense after the student shouted out Swain's GPA.

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Thu Jan 20 2011 12:52
Greene keeps 'touching' those from her past, myself included. She is being blacklisted by CCFA - as she was told by Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America, THANKS BUT NO THANKS for wanting to join the walk. THERE IS PROOF IF YOU WRITE OR CALL CCFA - or THE CAROLINA CHAPTER THAT TEAM HAZMAT IS NOT PARTICIPATING IN THE WALK - nor should anyone give her money if she presents forms or emails (see below) asking for your support for her walk. SHE HAS BEEN BANNED TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY LOCAL OR NATIONAL CCFA EVENTS AND ESPECIALLY COLLECTING MONEY IN THEIR NAME.

They confirmed this for me as I reported her for continued stalking using them to get at me. This is the letter she sent to me using CCFA format for their TAKE STEPS franchise of local walks . By the way - if Greene is on such extended medical leave, or now returned from one - and is SO ILL - this walk is not something a person claiming to be so ill could probably do. CCFA does not want her at any of their events, even as a walk day volunteer. DO NOT FUND GREENE WITH CHECKS MADE TO HER. STOP PAYMENT IF YOU HAVE OR DISPUTE OR REPORT TO CCFA SO THEY ARE SURE TO ACCOUNT FOR ANY MONIES SOLICITED IN THEIR NAME .

If approached, call CCFA toll free Information Resource Center: 888.MY.GUT.PAIN (888.694.8872)
Web site:
Phone: 800-932-2423
This is the letter Greene sent to me, despite NO CONTACT REQUEST FROM HER IN OUR LIVES via using CCFA format for their TAKE STEPS franchise of local walks:

Dear _______, I will be participating in the Raleigh Take Steps for Crohn's & Colitis Walk on May 14. I have made a bold commitment to raise much needed funds to find a cure for digestive diseases. Many of you know that I have been dealing with Crohn's Disease for a long time... and there is nothing that I would like more than to find a cure for this horrible disease. Enough is enough if you ask me! While there are meds that can help "control" these inflammatory bowel diseases, there is presently no cure. I am looking forward to the day when patients with Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis won't have to remember to take their medications three or four times per day, when we won't have to carry changes of clothing with us, and when we won't have to plot out our travel routes around known bathrooms. This is my dream... and this is why I am walking. Won't you support me?

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Any amount, great or small, helps in the fight. I greatly appreciate your support and will keep you posted on my progress.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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If the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit the web address:

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Sat Jan 8 2011 15:19
Dana Greene does not lie? At Michigan (where we both went to grad school) she was known as being a bit of a ... (Editors Note: Two words deleted here) pathological liar. (Ask her ex-fiance.) I heard rumors about her but always want to think the best about someone -- 'til I found out for myself, when she said something about me that was utterly false and that she absolutely knew was utterly false (unless she is truly delusional). I was flabbergasted. It wasn't even something important -- the lie was meant to make her look better and me look worse. After that I stayed as far away from her as I could. I wonder what she is saying about this "incident" to her online friends ...
Fri Jan 7 2011 18:56
I don't go to your school, I am not a student. I know some rumor, but not personally why Greene left her previous school. I have been stalked and abused by this woman and left a health support website, several people left - due to her taking over the site. All the while crying victim, playing the Jew card when most of who she targeted were also Jewish. You student and faculty who FEEL weirded out by Greene and seem to feel gas lit - you are NOT crazy. She is. This is a dangerous lady. Her life is a mess, and she shares it with everyone. Give her an IN and she will take you for the ride of your life. STAY AWAY. Find cause to get rid of her - that's what we can advise her superiors. This article blows me away, but gives comfort at the same time. She seems unstoppable until someone takes legal action on her. Greene should not be near anyone she can 'teach' or have daily influence or control over. Several of us felt deep violation at her hands that took years of blocking and distancing to remove ourselves from her reach. Every once in awhile, she reaches out again - for no reason. She uses various emails, names, excuses and no story ever matches up. It was not a desk throwing incident that got her canned from her other job. It was, and seems to continue to be about her inappropriate behavior. Good luck and look out. She should be watched by authorities. It is FELT that she is dangerous.
Sun Dec 5 2010 20:43

I applaud Robert for fighting for equality amongst our school. I'm sure this has shined much needed light on his cause. I also believe that NCCU should provide the option of organic non-genetically modified food to the students. Since NCCU doesn't offer organic foods, people who only eat organic food can't enjoy eating at the cafeteria. Some people refuse to eat the genetically modified foods that are available at NCCU and in our grocery stores while others don't seem to care what they eat. We should have a choice between the two because the effects of eating genetically modified foods are unknown and potentially unhealthy. The federal government doesn’t require these genetically modified foods to be labeled Genetically Modified Food. That's where the problem is. If people saw that on their fruits and vegetables then change is almost certain to occur. On the other hand, who's going to pay for all this organic food (not NCCU)?
On another note, I’m no award winning author, writer, or editor but I think this article was poorly written. It had too much he say she say and not enough facts. It should be removed from the internet and any public newspapers because it reflects badly on our school. I had a better respect for our campus newspaper until reading this article.

Amenhotep Myers

Sat Nov 20 2010 20:25
Where iz Dr. Greene now?
Wed Nov 10 2010 20:02
To: jamison82, you must care you replied back like the smart person you think you are!!!
To: trtuhseeker, thank you for giving light to this dark path we have had to trot...Please feel free to share any information with us, I echo Robert's plea for more information because we have a very serious situation here that has caused so many innocent people pain including some of our best faculty. We must make sure teachers cannot go around schools, and universities harming students to help their agenda. Again thanks for your honesty and care about justice, we will be victorious.
my real name-Robert Mihaly
Wed Nov 10 2010 17:49
Hi Trtuhseeker,

Great to hear from you!!

Most people are good and honest. That’s why we are trusting. So when we first heard ASU students are desk-throwing barbarians, from central casting of the movie Deliverance, we naturally assumed it was true. Now we know better. We have seen her recently invent two major fictitious accounts of violent students. Both tales had zero corroborating witnesses.

We can understand your faculty being put under gag order, as that’s the preference of the administration here as well. They accurately see it as dirty laundry. It is that, but it is also outing a perpetrator. As Martin Luther King said, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

This individual could ramp up her dramas over time. Eventually things could get ugly with the sort of wake she stirs. The future is unpredictable, because the perpetrator is a bit unpredictable.

There must be former or current ASU students or faculty, neighbors, friends, passersby, SOMEone who could add more to the narrative from the ASU events or non-events.

Many of us believe the individual to whom you refer is building up until the time when she can initiate a grand, 7-figure-style lawsuit against the University wherein she can defame the school, students and faculty. What our administration may not understand is that every day or month or semester the individual is affiliated with the school is another opportunity for her to pack her poison arsenal with fabricated evidence with which she can sue and slander the school.

In the long run it's going to be a theft of not only Mr. Swain’s lost educational opportunities, but the school and the entire NCCU community will lose some of its prestige. Then she and her current or future legal mercenaries will inevitably seek to strip precious resources from the Eagle.

It’s lose-lose for everyone but the troublemaker. Please let us know if there is anyone who’d be willing to share intel, anonymous or otherwise on the ASU dramas. Who knows how many future dramas and disasters can be averted? “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Anyone is certainly welcome to contact me at : rmihaly (at)

Wed Nov 10 2010 10:01
Yeah im Marian just like your Sharon. I like my screen name, but who cares about names on this little posting page.
Wed Nov 10 2010 09:47
It would appear that " she who shall not be named" is up to her old tricks.I must defend ASU and the lies being spread about the student body and faculty there otherwise I would not post. No one- student, football player or otherwise- threw a desk at her. NO one defamed her or otherwise attacked her religion or her person at ASU. "She who shall not be named" has a history of such antics, anonymous emails and "other people" writing things in her defense. She also has a history of crying to students and of playing the victim while making other faculty members miserable as they are forced to operate under a gag order while in her presence. I am sorry for your school, your students and those who work with her for the drama , drama, drama. But I am not surprised at all to find her in the middle of it all.
Wed Nov 10 2010 06:26
To: Jamison better known as "Marion" yeah you do know what all Dana Greene has in her office because you are in there before classes and after classes. Also I do remember you missed some days from the one class you have with her, so unless you have physic powers how can you know every word she "Dana Greene" say in all of her classes. To: GNB77 thanks for speaking the truth.
Tue Nov 9 2010 21:22
I thought that Dr. Greene said her nickname was Monkey not amolewhack. Because i distincly recall her telling us her nickname because of all of the Monkey's in her office.
Tue Nov 9 2010 07:40
To iheartnccu: You've made your point, and I do concede that it is possible that Greene's contract included nothing about specific hours, duties, or availability to students. I reiterate: this thread has gotten off-track and I'm not here to argue about semantics.

I have specifically postponed responding to your earlier post, in order not to write my knee-jerk reaction, but will address it now. ("I really feel like these students need to focus on your learning for this semester.") The perception of this statement is that you're trying to say something along the lines of 'sit down and shut up, kids, and let the adults handle this.' The problem remains that, from my point of view, a young man's life has been forever changed for the worse, and I am actively dissatisfied with the lack of evidence used for his dismissal.

The Echo article states that Swain was *charged* with communicating a threat and disorderly conduct. My understanding is that the threat is the point that had him removed from campus. It's still not clear whether this threat he allegedly communicated was directed at Greene or her husband (who is not a faculty member and whose only purpose here on campus that week was to throw his weight around and intimidate students).

In the hearing, which lasted all day and disrupted the lives of many students and several faculty members, they heard testimony regarding the punching/pushing *story* and yet, this is NOT the reason Mr. Swain was expelled. While this gives me hope, in that the hearing board(?) is capable of sorting fact from fiction, either they are treating each of the three incidents separately (1. the false police report for the t-shirt hallway 'altercation'; 2. the classroom 'assault'; and, 3. the student union confrontation) without regard to the other, OR they found him guilty of point 3 in order to save face and as a conciliatory measure for not having found him guilty of point 2.

However, (and others have raised this issue, as well...) since the hearing board found him not guilty of point 2, then they had sound reason to do so, and logic leads us to conclude that anyone who testified that Swain had assaulted a faculty member was committing perjury... and has yet to realize any repercussions for having borne false witness against this student.

I do NOT condone harassing an instructor, and if a student did post some sort of vile sign on her door, it is unfortunate, inexcusable, and regrettable. However, throughout history, people have been known to take the law into their own hands when the justice system fails. I'm not condoning martial law; I'm saying it's an expected outcome. Today, if the system does not dole out fair consequences to all parties involved, then media can and do pick up stories to bring the truth to light.

By the way... while we're discussing truth and picking apart details of these posts... I'm curious how Bella could have worked with Greene for the past 20 years, when in 1990, Greene was still working on her degree in CA, and didn't begin her first teaching or research position at Michigan until 1992. Or maybe minor details don't matter... you know, like punched v. pushed v. fell... it's all the same, right?

Tue Nov 9 2010 05:01
To: iheartnccu,you say that you don't know Dana Greene or anything about this situation well why are you even commenting??? You are calling this article reckless when you have no earthly idea of what you are speaking on, how would you feel if someone destroyed your character and had you kicked out of school for no reason or told other students and faculty you are a racist, just one lie after another about you, would you think you are reckless because you have rights and speak out so that this doesn't happen to anymore students or faculty? No one is throwing stones, the stones have already been thrown, we are defending ourselves against what’s been done to us, so don't think you can preach the bible to me, no one said they are a Christian or what their religious believe system is, so where are you getting your info from? Search your own heart because as I see it this was none of your business since you claim you don't know anything. You say you are a neutral party, you don't sound neutral to me, you say I am paranoid because of what I said about the different characters that sound like Dana Greene on here, well who's pointing fingers now, why didn't you just pray for me, instead you did what you claim we are doing, isn't that like the kettle calling the pot black, wow, why not practice what you preach, sweep around your front door before you try sweeping around mine.
Mon Nov 8 2010 14:39
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Because of the heated debate surrounding this story, the Campus Echo temporarily pulled all comments related to this news story for review in light of our comments policy which states:

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Mon Nov 8 2010 14:09
Ya'll are funny . I think "shay121059" may need to be evaluated for symptoms of paranoia. Anyone who says something that sounds reasonable and doesn't attack Dr. Greene IS Dr. Greene?

I'm not Dana Greene. I don't even know Dana Greene and I had never even heard of her before my attention was called to this story. I haven't commented on the events and so called lying and all that because I don't know anything about it except what I've read here and from other faculty. I am a neutral party. I just don't like the tone of these messages. They seem so venomous. She may be what you say she is, but I just think you should handle it differently. Folks are talking about being Christian, but throwing all kinds of stones. Pray for her, provide proof to the authorities and God's will be done. I would not wish this type of reckless character assassination on anyone. Vengeance is mine, said the Lord.

To GNB77: I am a prof in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences and I don't have a required # of hours for ANYTHING in my contract. You can refer to the handbook and all that, but I know what my contact says and it's standard across the college. I can't tell you for sure what Dr. Greene's; but again, your outlook on that piece is naive. Faculty conducting research is a good thing and is encouraged. Collaboration across institutions is encouraged. I know ya'll want to make a case that everything the woman does is just wrong, but that makes you look desperate and brings that rest of your points into question.

my real name-Robert Mihaly
Sun Nov 7 2010 20:22
In Chapter 7 of Charles Dickens’ Pickwick Papers the following sentence can be found: “Ha, ha, ha!' Here the spinster aunt burst into fit number two, of hysteric laughter interspersed with screams.” Now far be it me to be confused with the spinster aunt but please it is indeed hard to type when I’m madly cackling, at risk of coffee coming out my nose.

Well, I finished the marathon in Raleigh this morning. It about killed me, I’m slow, but at least it was my personal best time. Unfortunately I’m back reading Dr. Greene’s and her erstwhile allies’ posts now. Dr. Greene has the most to lose in this excellent and entertaining conversation. [SEVEN WORDS DELETED - EDITOR] ... like any perp in a police interrogation room she just keeps tripping up. Not so good for outcomes she desires, but awesome for the poetic and dramatic qualities of this comments-thread narrative we’re all co-creating. (thanks to all) I gotta start scouting for a book contract; this is good stuff. Enjoy your own cup of coffee whilst I elucidate. Heh, heh:

Notice “Bella’s” Sun Nov 7 2010 01:50 post. Compare it to “Maxwell’s” Sat Nov 6 2010 12:40 post. helpfully let me know the last 427 words of these two emails are identical(!) Clearly these two ‘personalities,’ who both claim to have worked professionally with Dr. Greene, have worked very closely with each other. The two ‘personalities,’ “Bella’ & ‘Maxwell,’ have truly intimately-merged ideas far beyond even identical twins or clones—I’m thinking they’ve a mind meld or grokking experience. Sometimes exceptionally-close lovers gush, “we complete each other’s sentences!” --How about repeating 427 Words?

Theory 1.) Maybe these anonymous professors never took Freshman English, and hence don’t understand quotation marks.

Theory 2.) They come from the same author. (presumably not Dr. Greene since Dr. awhackamole Greene assures us the real Dr. Greene would never do that.

What a tangled web we weave…

Sun Nov 7 2010 13:31
To iheartnccu: An instructor's pay is referred to as 'salary'. Refer to pdf page 44 of 356 of the Faculty Handbook:
Instructors' contracts set out how many classroom/contact hours and office hours they'll have for students.
I'm *not* saying professors shouldn't multi-task -- there's no sense in sitting in your office, waiting for students who never drop by, when you can use that time wisely. I'm just saying if a project has NCCU's name associated with it in any way, it should benefit the university in some way. You do illustrate a variety of ways in which those benefits could be realized. At the same time, I could logically and systematically poke holes in every point of your argument to show how misuse is *possible* ...but then I'd have someone saying I'm attacking recklessly.
This thread has gotten off-track. My hypothetical situations were solely to have students critically evaluate where they stand and why. Another analogy would be: would you align yourself with a particular political candidate who supports an issue you do, when he/she wants to rescind women's right to vote? If you don't know any more about a person's platform, history, or motives than ONE DISTINCT ISSUE, then you're choosing to remain ignorant.

For those who are unfamiliar with the word and its meaning:
–adjective Also, hy·po·thet·ic ( for defs. 1–4 ) .
assumed by hypothesis; supposed: a hypothetical case.
of, pertaining to, involving, or characterized by hypothesis: hypothetical reasoning.
given to making hypotheses.
Logic .
(of a proposition) highly conjectural; not well supported by available evidence.
(of a proposition or syllogism) conditional.

Would that Mr. Swain had included the word *IF* at the student union! He could have changed his utterance from a communicated threat to a conditional statement, and he'd still be pursuing his education at this fine institution.

Sun Nov 7 2010 12:02
Dana Greene how many characters are you playing on this discussion broad??? All of these are the same person {iheartnccu, amolewhack,bella & maxwell} Dana Greene, wow. No one has bullied you Dana Greene, turn the mirror around and look at yourself then you will see who the real bully is. Why is it that when you don't get your way then you are either the victim or being bullied, you know what Dr. Greene this is the last time I will call you Dr. Greene because you have let me down as a professor, I thought I was going to have a great semester in your classes, I really was looking forward to learning and enjoying a new professor, but you made it bad by hurting us, why did you have to do that?
Sun Nov 7 2010 09:35
Dana Greene are you "MAXWELL" too??? Because I cannot believe anyone would want to defend someone who has deliberately done harm to students. Dana Green you are "AMOLEWHACK" one way I know that is because you discussed that name once in class saying something of a nick name for you, whatever it was I know it's you, this is just another lie you are trying to hide. Why can't you be honest Dana Greene for once in your life??? Why do you Dana Greene better known as amolewhack and maxwell keep talking about your religious beliefs? No one cares what you believe in we all have a belief system and I respect whatever it is someone wants to believe in, but you are the only teacher that I’ve had that make sure students know you are a Jew and practice Judaism, you tell too much of your personal business to the class, you talk about it so much until students get tired of hearing about it. As for the attacks on your character Dana Greene I only told the truth about how you have lied on Dontravis, Robert and even me…You deliberately lied in the hearing when you said to me that you told me in class that I was rude, you know you never said that to me or I would have addressed you then, because I’ve been nothing but very respectful to you in class. So you character has been defamed only by you and your actions and yes you did call Robert Mihaly a racist I can testify to that because you told me that Robert was a racist, if you are going to lie you need not forget the ones you tell. The truth will always stand, so you need to learn to tell the truth, it will set you free, and that’s a fact. The advice you are getting I hope and pray it is advice that will help you learn the truth and stop hurting people, because you have hurt students and staff with your lies. You claim Dontravis hit or push you, I was there Dana Greene he never touched you, you are lying and the truth is not in you. As for your so called x-rays they could be doctored up, why didn't anyone in charged of the hearing or higher ups at NCCU see them and if you were so hurt why didn't you leave campus immediately and go to the ER??? You know why you didn't go straight to the ER because you and your husband went to the student union looking for Dontravis, that's what I think and believe and you know what I bet I am right. It's not about Dontravis being my friend because until this happen I didn't know him nor Robert, I stood up for justice and what was right, that Dontravis never hit nor pushed you and you know that Dana Greene. In fact if anyone touched anyone it was you who laid hands on Dontravis, I saw you grab his arm with a very firm grip and he asked you to remove you hand off of him and not to touch him again, that's what really happen Dana Greene, now there's your facts and the truth in a nut shell.
Sun Nov 7 2010 09:24
Most profs are not paid by SALARIED HOURS. There is nothing wrong with a prof doing grant writing in her office. There is no way for her to funnel grant $ into her account through the University without completing scholarly work that will also reflect well on the University. She can't use University accounts without several levels of approvals. This whole line of discussion is very naive. She is paid to teach her courses (grading, lectures, assignments, etc.). What is the issue for grant writing? She may be helping the University by subsidizing her salary with grant funds.

I really feel like these students need to focus on your learning for this semester. There is learning that happens from the process of critical thinking about situations and learning how to speak out about injustices. However, this line of accusation and innuendo has gotten so heated and (i'll say again) reckless. You should have your convictions, but if there is an HR issue, you need to report your concerns to her supervisor and let it go. People seem to be on a witch hunt from Dr. Greene and that isn't healthy. If she's indeed ineffective and incompetent then I'm sure her contract will not be renewed. However, none of the things that you're describing rise to the level of contract breech on her side so I am sure that she will serve at least through her contact end unless she makes the decision to quit. This discussion board almost seems like online bullying to me.

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