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Debate disappointment

Published: Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 08:10

angel brown

Angel Brown

Every four years, the infamous election storms upon us with massive campaigning, commercials and the most important part: the debates. Last week, we saw our current, awesome president, Barack Obama, go head to head with Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

I have to say I did not hear what I expected from Obama.

Mitt, or Mittens as I like to refer to him, with his grey whiskers like a cunning cat, rudely talked over the moderator Jim Lehrer and the president.

He blatantly disrespected Obama while lying through his teeth about his views on taxes, education, and Medicare.

We all witnessed the foolery! He told our president that he never posed a “5 trillion dollar tax cut” with his ideas on how to get the economy back in stable condition.

In fact, he told Obama that it is his fault the economy is slowly progressing. If I am wrong please inform me. He outright denied his ideals that would lead to increasing taxes for the middle class.

All of a sudden, Mittens has a heart and “cares” for education. Yet, he still has a nonchalant attitude towards the importance of teachers in America.

Apparently, we can hire good teachers or some teachers, according to him. So many opportunities arose where Obama could have easily defeated Mittens's deceitful approach.

If you have heard or had a glimpse of the secret taping of the fundraiser video where Romney is discussing his and his wife’s upbringing, his view on the people of America, along with other issues and the infamous “47 percent does not pay income taxes” comment, you would know that he was full of junk last week.

At the beginning of his speech he talked about how Ann Romney's family members saved money to send her father to college growing up, and then he commented “I would never do that for my brother.” Really?

But in the debate last night, he turned into a care bear for humanity. He wants to create 12 million jobs and get rid of Obama Care.

Excuse me sir but thanks to Obama Care, us middle/low income college students are able to tend to our health and receive preventive care because of it. Obama dropped the ball in this debate. We need him to reassure us that he will not again.

News channels like MSNBC, CNN and C-SPAN highlighted the points made in the debate, most which ridiculed our president. Poor Obama, we expected Denzel Washington's character from “John Q” to show up, to put Mittens in place and tell him “Shut up, you don’t care about anyone in this room!” It didn’t happen. The next debate will bring forth the fire Obama needs to start before election day. I am positive.

Undress the perpetrator we know Mitt Romney is and take your champion status back, Obama!

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